Motorcycling vs Car Driving

Many people ponder the question of whether to buy a motorcycle or a car. This decision could depend on the distance that one will need to travel as well as the need for comfort.

harleys sitting outside coffee shopOwning a motorcycle is very similar to owning a car. The operating of the vehicle when it comes to the make and model, annual mileage, driving record and insurance cover are not that different. However the maintenance of a bike and if any damage is done due to an accident etc., can be rather high. As in all circumstances, there are always pros and cons and one will need to way these up when it comes to finances.

The up-front costs when buying a motorcycle will vary depending on the make. Buying a good pre-owned model that has a good road record will bring the price down significantly.

When it comes to insurance taking out a liability-only policy will be less expensive than a motor vehicle. However when in an accident they will ninety percent of the time sustain severe damage making the collision and high comprehensive costs the same or even higher than the premiums for cars.

Even if one is in a low-speed accident and the rider is not hurt it can still cost thousands in damage – bent handlebars, torn seats and scraped fairings will need to be repaired, and possibly replaced.

Owning a motorcycle will definitely help to reduce your carbon footprint, and it has been proven that those with smaller engines have a much smaller impact on the environment. They produce much less CO2 and need fewer raw materials and less energy when they are being made. Another good point is that over seventy-five percent of all their components can be re-used, and the rest can be recycled.

Another good point is that one will spend less time stuck in traffic. On average a person can spend as much as two months or more sitting in traffic during their lifetime. When cars come to a standstill, the motorcycle can keep moving which helps with the congestion of traffic, especially during peak hours.

Some people say that the advantage of owning one is that any motorcycle will look great whereas some cars do not. If they are kept in good condition and they keep running their depreciating in value will not drop like motor vehicles.

motorcyclist in trafficThe cons are that one will need to have a secure place to keep them both from the weather and thieves. The road hazards can be very dangerous and if one needs to carry something small it could be a problem. Having a backpack does not necessarily make that part any easier as some of them are distracting as they can slide around on the back.

Depending on the environment where one lives it can also be a deterrent. In countries where the weather is sunny most of the year it doesn’t present much of a problem. Those that experience rain as well as snow for most of the year it could be an inconvenience.

Many people have both a motorcycle and a motor vehicle and decide which one is better to use depending on the weather and the season. It is, however, great to be able to hop on a bike and take to the open roads and feel the wind rushing by.

Essential Gear That Every Rider Should Have

Riding a motorcycle isn’t just about having the skills that are necessary for keeping the bike up or navigating over and around challenging obstacles. You also have to know how to keep this equipment in top condition so that it is always safe to ride. Moreover, every biker has to have an impressive array of gear for staying safe while exposed to the elements.

Learning how to choose and maintain this gear is another essential step that every rider should take. Following are several, essential motorcycling tools that you must make sure to have in your case.

motorcycle tools you needWhen it comes to keeping yourself safe on the road, no other tool is more important than your helmet. This is because riding a bike entails far more exposure than riding in a care. Instead of being protected by a heavy steel frame, your entire body will be exposed to the elements.

The helmet is the rider’s first and most important line of defense, given that it keeps the most important organ in the body safe; the brain. Choosing the right helmet is vital for getting an optimal amount of protection while riding.

Every helmet that is currently for sale is required to adhere to a very strict set of manufacturing standards. These are based on local and federal laws that are intended to protect riders from poorly manufactured goods that cannot stand up to the demands that will be placed on them.

Due to this fact, you can purchase a very low-cost helmet, and you will still get the same level of safety and protection that many of the highest quality and highest priced options provides. This means that there is absolutely no excuse for riders to not have a properly-fitting and well-designed helmet.

Size is, therefore, one of the most critical factors to consider when investing in these goods. You want to make sure that this product offers a secure and comfortable fit. If it does not, it may not stay in place during a high impact even and will, therefore, leave the head exposed. It is also a good idea for riders to always keep an extra helmet in store, in case they choose to carry any additional passengers. Anyone who gets on the bike should make sure to have this basic level of protection.

High-quality gear will always be among the most important tools that riders can invest in. Another form of gear that all good riders make sure to get are durable riding boots. Your feet will come in contact with the ground frequently, even while you are slowing your bike down. The related dragging motions can create a significant amount of wear on the bottoms of standard shoes.

harley davidsonYou will also need a durable leather jacket and a pair of well-made leather pants to complete your attire. These things will limit friction, and they will also keep you warm and comfortable while on the road. Once you have all the gear you need, you should start collecting a series of tools that can be used to keep your bike tuned up and in perfect condition for keeping you safe, even while navigating challenging terrain.

First and foremost among these is a quality tire gauge. Making sure that both tires are properly inflated is vital for getting good traction and ensuring optimal handling. It is not safe to inflate your tires without this tool as there is always the likelihood of over-inflation and possible rupture. These tools can be purchased from the same company that replaces your tires. You also have the option of shopping for a tire gauge online, but you want to consult with a professional who can show you the proper way to use this device once you get it.

Another vital tool to have a is a snap-on torque wrench. These tools are rather costly, especially when you prioritize features like durability, reliability and quality over economy. A good chain tool is important to have on hand as well. With these three things, you’ll be able to handle some common and relatively minor problems and can limit your need to work with a paid mechanic at a much higher cost.

These are all items that you can shop for at a local auto repair store. It is possible to get the best deals, however, by working with web-based suppliers who usually have far larger selections of good and more competitive prices. Rather than trying to buy everything you need at once, you can simply buy new tools as your budget allows to gradually build up a fairly comprehensive cache of repair and maintenance equipment.

Are Motorcycles Really More Dangerous Than Cars?

Many people are afraid to ride a motorcycle as they can be very dangerous but the truth is that drivers of all types of cars and bikes that are careless. Many motor vehicle drivers do not see the riders coming up fast from behind, and the riders do not anticipate the moves the motor vehicle drivers are liable to make.

motorcyclist on a streetIn an accident, one is better able to avoid crashing into the vehicle in front when on a motorcycle. Any small space can be navigated through depending on the gap that is left between the vehicles as there are more options available. However, it is very important that only very competent riders use this form of transport. They are less likely to have an accident because they can see better as well as evade any potential obstacles. They also are able to assume less and atticipate more.

It is a fact that those driving motorcycles have a higher death percentage than those in cars. In part this is due to age and inexperience, and the sense of immortality that many younger vehicle users have. They take unnecessary chances weaving recklessly in and out of cars at high speeds.

Many riders have been in the seat for over thirty years and have never had an accident, proving that one need be very level-headed as well as always sober when on a bike.

In a vehicle, one normally sits fairly low down while with a bike they sit higher up giving a much further and wider view. There are no parts of the cars body to obstruct the view creating a blind spot. If coming up behind a large truck and if in a car one is incapable to seeing ahead without moving into the next lane, whereas a bike is better able to move left or right easily while still within its designated boundary.

When a vehicle two or three cars ahead has to stop suddenly, the rider will be able to see this movement and can immediately begin to take action. With a car, this is impossible especially if one is closer than one should be behind the car in front. This is when pile-ups occur, and casualties are nearly always a consequence.

A motorcycle is also smaller and easier to move than a car and is, therefore, a smaller target to hit. It can easily and safely move out of harm’s way. It is also able to accelerate much faster getting it out of trouble quicker.

motorbikeIn motor vehicles there are many things that will take one’s attention away from the road. These can be drinking the morning or afternoon coffee, snacking as well as speaking on the cell phone. Talking to a passenger seated next to the driver is also a distraction as people are taught from an early age to make eye contact. Maybe the radio has been turned onto a wrong station and needs to be retuned, taking the eyes off the road for a second. That second can be the difference between life and death.

All of that is avoided when driving a motorbike as there is no such thing as a holder for a cup, a radio or even a window to adjust. If there is a passenger they are safely tucked away behind the driver where there can be no conversation, even if they wanted. With the helmets on and the wind whistling by it is impossible to hear anything other than the roar of the engine between one’s legs.

In America the interest in buying motorcycles rather than motor vehicles has increased significantly. This could be because of the economy as well as the fuel prices. Filling up a car can be hundreds of dollars and depending on the mileage can last for awhile. Driving in congestion each and every day to and from work does tend to make the fuel decrease rapidly. Motorcycles might have much smaller tanks, but there is very little chance of having to stop and go repeatedly. They are no longer considered to be a secondary luxury vehicle but in some cases a necessity.

In some countries where it rains almost every day or snows many people who buy them only use them during the dryer and warmer months. Nothing beats the wind whipping past on a long road hopefully while still under the speed limit. They are there for one to enjoy the freedom of the road without the usual distractions that a car will always have.

How To Choose The Best Motorcycle Helmet

Riding motorcycles can be both fun and exciting. It can also be very dangerous given that cyclists lack many of the structural protections that are provided by cars. This makes learning how to choose the best motorcycle helmet extremely important. This is among the most important equipment that riders can have as it will protect the head from major impact injuries.

helmetIt is vital for safety-conscious motorcycle riders to consider the different needs that they want to meet when selecting these goods. Not only are helmets essential for keeping the head safe during an accident or other major event, but they can also guard the eyes and face from extremely windy conditions, thereby ensuring optimal visibility. This is only true, however, when the right features are present.

People should know that all of these products are designed to provide an acceptable level of safety. Government standards have been set that impact the manufacture and sale of these goods so that people can have reasonable expectations concerning the amount of safety that is provided. This is true whether people pay for the cheapest or the most cost-effective one. Each option is guaranteed to meet or exceed the minimum standards for safety which are set fairly high.

Understanding this, it is best to start this process by looking for a good fit an optimal comfort. Getting a good fit is vital for ensuring that protection is optimal. If a product does not fit well, it can shift positions or even come off during a major impact. Thus, although there is ample opportunity to buy these products online, consumers should diligently check their measurements and the specifications for each product. They should also commit to using suppliers that will allow them to return their goods if they are not suited to their needs once they arrive. Checking for acceptable exchange and return policies is always a vital part of the shopping process.

Size isn’t the only factor to consider either. People also have to account for the shapes of their heads. Some helmet designs are better suited to large, flat heads while others will fit best on long lean ones. This factor will also determine both comfort and overall safety.

motorbike helmetThere are a vast range of features that people can get when selecting these goods. A sturdy visor can assist in blocking wind and in shielding the eyes from the sun. This will make riders more comfortable and it will also help them to navigate the roads and negotiate any obstacles that they encounter more effectively.

Some helmets have in built-in wireless technology so that drivers can continue communicating with others while on the road. This is far better than having to pull over and fumble with a mobile phone. It also makes it easier for injured parties to contact emergency services if they find themselves hurt and stranded in an isolated location. Riders do not have to wait for passersby to stop nor do they have to try and get up and fumble with their phones. This can be important if immobilized or afraid of worsening a physical injury by moving.

Adaptability is key, especially if the unit will be used by more than one person. There are a number of adjustable straps that can be used to create a better fit. People should also bear this in mind when trying online purchases on for the very first time. If a unit feels too loose or too snug, adjusting these straps will usually produce much more acceptable results.

It is additionally important for riders to choose the right helmet suppliers. Many motorcycle gear shops stock an impressive range of goods and have tons of helmets that buyers can choose from including gloves, jackets, riding pants, boots for optimal traction and even glasses. Having a comprehensive collection of gear is the surest way to get an optimal amount of protection.

motorbikingWorking with a reputable motorcycle shop is a good idea when outfitting two or more riders. Many people like having their own helmets as well as an additional helmet for friends and family members who wish to ride with them.

It is often cheaper to secure these things when working with companies that specialize in these items given that they usually have special discounts that their loyal customers can take advantage of. With the savings that are earned by working with these entities, it is often possible to invest in other essential forms of riding equipment, such as a sturdy, durable pair of motorcycle boots.

Tips For Staying Safe – Simple Motorcycle Safety Checks To Perform Every Week

Many people enjoy the freedom of driving down the road on a motorcycle. These vehicles are lightweight compared to a regular passenger car giving them superior maneuverability on even the most crowded roadways. The downside to riding motorcycles is the lack of protection for the rider.

One of the things we learn when we take our motorbike lessons is the fact that riding a motorcycle is more dangerous than driving a car. It is impossible to ignore. This is why it is so important for riders to wear the necessary protective gear and make sure the cycle is in good working condition. When it comes to staying safe here are some simple checks that most motorcycle training schools recommend that you perform regularly.

bikersMost people are aware of the importance of wearing a helmet, but simply wearing a helmet is not enough. It is important for riders to inspect the helmet for any damage that can interfere with its ability to protect the head. If the chinstrap is cracked, loose, or broken the rider should replace it right away. Checking for scratches, dents, and loose padding is also important. A helmet that has been in a crash should be replaced because the protective foam inside the helmet may be damaged and the shell weakened.

Every motor vehicle relies on the tyres to grip the road and prevent it from sliding. As the tread wears down, the tyres grip less. This makes the vehicle unstable and more likely to spin out of control. Checking the tyre pressure weekly and inflating the tyres to the manufacturer specified psi will prolong their life and ensure they have the proper grip at speed. Inflation also has an effect on fuel consumption. Tyres that are overinflated or underinflated will cause the cycle to use more fuel than normal. When the tread wears down, it is time to replace the tyres.

Motorcycles have superior stopping power compared to passenger vehicles because they are smaller and lighter. Most cycles have brake fluid reservoirs on the rear of the bike and on the handlebars. Riders should check the reservoirs regularly and fill them with fluid when necessary. To inspect the brake pads, use a flashlight to see them through the wheel. The brake pads will wear with use. A high squealing sound when applying the brakes could indicate worn pads that need to be replaced.

motorcycle dialsAll internal combustion engines require oil to prevent moving metal parts from grinding together and wearing out. Oil is even more important to a motorcycle engine because it runs consistently at higher RPMs than most car engines. Bikes have a glass panel over the oil reservoir for visual inspection or a dipstick similar to a car. It is especially crucial to check the oil if the bike has been sitting idle for a long time. Riders should follow the manufacturer’s recommendation for changing oil but changes must be more frequent when the rider consistently makes long runs at high RPMs.

Just as in any car, the coolant in a motorcycle prevents the engine from overheating. If the engine continues to run without coolant, it will seize up and quit working. Most bikes have a panel somewhere near the engine that allows the owner to see how much coolant is in the tank. Riders should always top off the coolant before heading out on a long ride.

Testing the controls should include making sure the throttle opens and closes smoothly. The brake and clutch levers should move easily without resistance. The rear brake pedal near the right foot peg is responsible for most of the stopping power, so riders should make sure it is in good working condition.

motorbike wheelBecause motorcycles are so small and difficult to see, the signal lights, brake lights, and headlights play a crucial role in improving visibility. Riders should always check for burned out bulbs and replace them immediately. If the lights do not work after replacing the bulbs, there may be a problem with the bike’s electrical system. It is also a good idea to check for cracks in the lights or damaged reflectors.

Motorcycles are inherently less visible and less stable than cars. Motorcyclists are more likely to suffer injuries in a crash due to the lack of protection. A mechanical failure while driving down the road can have catastrophic results for the rider. Making sure all systems are in tiptop shape can make the difference between life and death for a rider. Weekly safety checks can help motorcycle riders avoid a tragedy.

How to Buy an Appropriate Motorcycle

700X360-motorcycleIt’s understandable the pleasure for riding a bike, no matter the season or the acknowledgement of safety measures. However, when you decide to buy a motorcycle, there are some things that you should consider, before deciding for the right bike for you.

It doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman, because each of you can have the needed skills to master one type of bike or another. Here is what you should know before buying a motorcycle.

Consider the Level of Experience

This is very important, because based on this you will be better to evaluate what kind of motorcycle would be appropriate for you. If you are a beginner, it is true that you will be able to ride a powerful motorcycle from A to B, but you won’t be able to maneuver it easily, and you might be intimidated by its power. On the other hand, if you find yourself with enough experience, you will be bored if you buy a smaller motorcycle, that doesn’t have enough power to fit your skills. It’s better to fit your bike with the current level of your skills.

Consider Where to Ride

037472-blue-jelly-icon-transport-travel-transportation-bicycle-motorThis is another thing that you have to take into consideration, as most of the bikes can be ridden around town and on paved roads. However, there are also motorcycles that are adequate for riding on unpaved roads, dirt tracks and off-road trails. If you solely want a bike to enjoy riding it, take one for paved roads. The others ore mostly used in competitions, but some of them can ride on a combination of dirt and paved roads.

Motorcycle Style

There are more types of motorcycles, so you need to know which one you want to have. You will find that there are cruisers, sport bikes, touring bikes, standard bikes, dual-purpose bikes or dirt bikes. Each of these bikes has a different aspect and allows for the rider to have a different body position.

Carefully consider each style before deciding on anything.

Usage Frequency

motorcycle-safety-signWhen you decide to get a bike, consider carefully how much time you plan to use it. This is because each motorcycle has different service needs, and maintaining a bike can be an expensive thing. If you want to use your bike frequently and add more miles to it, you might want to consider a bike that requires a minimal maintenance. If you want to use your bike rarely, then your costs for service won’t be so high, so you can get almost anything you like.


This is also important, and this is what actually gives the motorcycle its power. You will find engines from 125 cc’s to more than 2000 cc’s. This has a very high impact on the power developed by the motorcycle, but the configuration of the engine is also important. If the bike is heavier and weights more, then it will need a bigger engine.

Your Size

To be able to properly ride a bike, you need to find one that is perfect for your body size. If the bike is too tall, and you can’t reach the pavement with your feet when you stop, then you may need to choose some other bike. In addition, you might feel uncomfortable when you ride a smaller bike for a longer period of time.

When you decide to buy a motorcycle, you should firstly consider a cruiser bike, as those have low seat motorcycle_PNG3144heights, which can accommodate differed sizes of different riders. In addition, the dirt motorcycles and dual sport motorcycles have seats that are taller and these may not be good for every rider. The sport bikes and the standard bikes are somehow between these two types, but this also depends on the model and make.

Consider carefully all these factors when you decide to buy a bike. For more information about motorcycles, just join us at EagleCat Motorcycles and we’ll help you out!